We are Hiring!

A Better Home Delivery is hiring for 3 dedicated Helpers/Drivers and 2 Customer Service Representatives. Some positions are starting as early as next week! Apply today at: https://abetterhomedelivery.surveysparrow.com/s/jobapp/tt-f324ef.

New Flyer is out now!

Our New Flyer...have you seen it?

Tips for finding a mover

1. Search online, the newspaper, telephone book, greensheet, or social media.

  1a. Cross reference these sources. Search at least two of the above sources to find the better deal. You never know where             you will find the better deal. Your friend on Facebook can possibly recommend a good mover.

2. When you have potentially found a moving company you may want to hire, check their resume. Ask for a portfolio or check their reviews on sites like Google or Yelp. Search the comments for reasonable and legitimate reviews.

3. Do not forget to get someone on the phone. Internet surfing is easy, but you also want to make sure the company is a legitimate business and they have a good customer service practices.

For your peace of mind...

Are you ready for your upcoming delivery? Our delivery team works hard to ensure a smooth and quick delivery process when they arrive with your merchandise. However, there are some things you can do to prepare beforehand so that the delivery process can be that much faster. Follow these few steps to get the process moving fast and efficient: (1) Make sure you measure the door to item ratio. When you know how big your furniture is and the door you are using to bring the furniture into the home, you can eliminate the possibility that the furniture will not fit. Although you may have space in your home, sometimes it may not fit in the front door but would fit through the door from your garage. Knowing this ahead of time can make for a faster delivery. (2) Create space for your home for the placement of your merchandise. Save time by removing clutter and rearranging your furniture for your new items. Imagining your new sofa in the area that would depict the best views away from natural lighting can help aid in this decision. Even better to get the delivery team in and out without helping you decide when they arrive there. Lastly, (3) Determine your method of payment before the team arrives. To minimize confusion and to get to enjoy your items faster, have your method of payment ready when the delivery team arrives. Remember, we only accept cash or credit/debit cards. As always for any issues, call us immediately.

The Importance Of Proper Packing

 Efficacious packing implies pairing the proper boxes for the content, your items, and the proper packing methods. Correctly packing your things is crucial to keep them safe during transport. We can do this for you, or we can provide you with the right packing boxes and supplies, as well as packing tutorial for you to pack all your stuff securely.